Residents and clients have a right to:

  • Feel safe, secure and protected.
  • Be heard and be understood, and to unburden their hearts and worries to others.
  • Be liked and accepted, and have their individuality recognized and respected.
  • Feel supported emotionally and spiritually.
  • Have their privacy respected, and to be cared for by care-givers of the gender of their choice when possible.
  • Experience a warm, caring, home atmosphere.
  • Receive gentle care; knowing that they will be touched, treated, and cared for respectfully.
  • Know that their pain is being taken seriously.
  • Remain active and socially engaged, by having opportunities to participate in daily activities.
  • Participate in decisions that affect their care.
  • Know that their families are welcome to participate in daily activities of the Lodge, and are included in the planning of care.
  • Have their feelings, beliefs, and opinions considered important.
  • Surround themselves with personal items, and feel that those “special things” will be handled with care and respect.
  • Be cared for by qualified, competent health care professionals.

Glacier View Lodge also follows the Island Health Bill of Rights

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