Glacier View Lodge is a not for profit society and the longest operating Long Term Care home in the Comox Valley. The Lodge’s history dates back to an initiative of the Women’s Institute of Northern Vancouver Island in 1946. The vision, to keep families together by creating a care home, came to fruition in the 1950s thanks to the generous donation of land, money and time by many community members. Our community stepped up over 20 years later to lobby for our current facility, and today over 400 community people of all ages support the Lodge on a voluntary basis.

Each Christmas, Glacier View Lodge illuminates a tower of lights to shine over the Comox Valley. The lights represent our respect and remembrance of the many people who have been cared for at the Lodge.

This Christmas will be like no other we have experienced. COVID-19 has had a profound effect on our community, on Canada, and the world. It has changed our day-to day lives; the way we think, socialize, work, travel and more. At times like these, it is more important than ever to continue our traditions. As we turn on the Christmas lights again this year, we are pleased to remember the thousands of lives that have been touched by the care and services of the Lodge each time we see the lights and star on the hill.

Now in its 34th year, the Lodge’s “Legacy of Light” fund (formerly Book of Lights), initiated and supported by the Soroptimist International of Courtenay, brings awareness to a project that will give a legacy of comfort to Lodge residents. As in past years, we invite community members to support the Legacy of Light fund and purchase a light(s) in memory of someone you loved.

The lights this year also shine in honour of a very special woman who was devoted to Glacier View Lodge throughout her life; Maudy Hobson was truly a bright star. She was born and raised in Courtenay, a member of the Urquhart family. She married George Hobson, a WWII Veteran, a leader in our community and Mayor from 1965-1971. Maudy was a well-known business woman and passionate community volunteer. Amongst other lasting projects in the Comox Valley, she and her husband were involved in the dreaming, planning and building of the original Glacier View Home on the property just below the current Lodge on Back Road. Years later, as a member of the Soroptimist International of Courtenay, she was very involved in beginning the Legacy of Light program. Maudy lived a long and very generous life and was an honoured recipient of Courtenay’s Citizen of the Century Award.

Photo of Maudy Hobson and Leslie King

Maudy and George’s daughter Leslie King learned from her parents the importance of giving generously to our community. Her Dad George would often say, “It is important to help our community through co-operation and contribution.”

Leslie recalls riding her horse up the hill, as a youth, to the place where Glacier View Lodge stands today. She always admired the beautiful view…it felt magical to her. Glacier View Lodge later had a tremendous impact on Leslie’s life. Her paternal grandmother lived out the last of her 101 years at the Lodge, as did her mother and aunt. Leslie said, “The staff at the Lodge went the extra mile in quite an extraordinary way.”

Maudy had always told Leslie that when the time came, she wanted to live out her golden years in GVL. On the day before Maudy was to come for a respite stay, Leslie received the call that a permanent room was available. “It was a Christmas wish come true! GVL became Mom’s home, her community and her second family. I never had to worry about the care Maudy would receive at the Lodge while I was away. In fact, one of the nurses helped her to feel connected to my travels by creating a story board to showcase my trips, helping Maudy to enjoy the experiences as if she was alongside me. This is one of the reason’s Mom’s experience was a magical one. Glacier View Lodge is about substance; taking care to the next level and beyond. I know our story is one of thousands in the Lodge’s history, and this is the reason GVL is truly a jewel of our community. I encourage you to support the Lodge to continue providing the best of care and comfort through your donation to the Legacy of Light.”

Glacier View Lodge Board and Administration extends our grateful thanks to the community members who have supported our long journey through to today. We could not enhance the comforts for our residents without this support. We are asking you, this holiday season, to consider a gift to the Legacy of Light campaign, and leave a legacy of comfort for our residents and their families. The 2020 Legacy of Light campaign will continue to build the fund for the redesign of our main living room, including replacement of our aging lounge furniture.

A donation of $10 or more will purchase a ‘light’ to shine over the Comox Valley this Christmas season. To make an online donation click here. To donate by cheque, complete the donation  form and deliver or mail it to Glacier View Lodge. If you wish to send funds via etransfer, please call the Reception office at: (250) 338-1451 for directions. Then, as you look at the lights this Christmas, know that they sparkle over the Comox Valley in memory of someone you hold dear.

Our previous logo served us well over the years, however, it is time to refresh our look to more accurately represent our vibrant community. We are proud to present our new Logo, with the hummingbird as its central figure.

In 2018, we adopted as our vision – “Building a community of care, where people thrive”. Our greatest strength is in helping those who become part of our community to live each day with joy.

The hummingbird, with its vibrant colour, is symbolic in many cultures and religions as a representative of happiness, comfort, spiritual connection, adaptability, independence, freedom and joy. A hummingbird often appears out of nowhere and spreads happiness into the lives of those who observe it.

At Glacier View Lodge, we create opportunities for residents and community clients to engage in life, find meaning and purpose, and recall special lifetime memories that restore their connections to the special people and events that shaped their lives. Much like the hummingbird, we celebrate the joyful moments that fill each day.


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