Building a community of care where people thrive.
”Feels like Home”


Glacier View Lodge is a complex care facility providing progressive, long-term residential care, and various associated community services primarily for seniors of the Comox Valley. To achieve this we:

  • respect the dignity and individuality of each person in our care, while offering choice in as many quality of life aspects as possible,
  • recognize that individuals are members of a larger community with physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs, and offer a safe, warm and caring home, and
  • value our staff, their aspirations and health, and demonstrate this by providing a supportive, safe and stimulating work environment and appropriate compensation.


Glacier View Lodge aspires to the following values enshrined in its Bill of Rights:

  • Non-judgmental living environment
  • Universal acceptance and individual recognition
  • Physical, emotional, spiritual and social support and comfort
  • Privacy and security
  • Individuality in thought, possessions and action
  • Highly competent, caring and compassionate staff
  • Vibrant community interactions and dedicated volunteers

Glacier View Lodge also adheres to the Residents’ Bill of Rights established under Section 7(a)(c.1)(ii) of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act.

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